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About SATO language services

SATO language services was established in 2005, delivering language services to businesses, individuals and the public sector. We offer professional language services like translation and interpretation and are located centrally in Oslo.

We translate all kinds of documents in most fields, also legal and medical documents.

SATO translations are used and approved by all public entities, among others the UDI, Police, NAV, Public administration, Courts, Civil registry, Tax authorities, NOKUT, insurance companies, schools and universities in Norway.

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Some of our clients

  • Directorate of immigration (UDI)

  • Statistics Norway

  • Municipality of Ullensaker

  • Municipality of Oslo, Gamle Oslo borough

  • NAV Gamle Oslo

  • University of South-Eastern Norway

  • Norwegian courts

  • Obrascón Huarte Lain S.A. Norwegian Branch