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SATO language services was established in 2005, delivering language services to businesses, individuals and the public sector. We offer professional language services like translation and interpretation and are located centrally in Oslo.

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Versatile translators

Our translators possess a lot of knowledge on judicial and legal matters, medicine, professional terminology in all other fields, and also jargon and colloquial expressions.

SATO language services employ the best translators on the market and deliver translations to most languages. We are very experienced with all kinds of document types and texts. This means no challenge is too big for us.

Our translators combined have experience in all fields. Therefore we provide precise and high-level translations of medical and legal documents. We also translate transcripts, higher education texts, subject matter, literary texts and nonfiction, to name a few.

We also offer precise and adapted proofreading. Whether you need translation or proofreading we deliver exact, great documents and texts. Our language consultants take frequent samples of the work carried out by our translators. This to ensure the customer always receives only top quality error-free results.

We translate all languages and fields

Multiple language translation

Do you have a text in need for translating to multiple languages simultaneously? We are a professional translation agency in Oslo offering translation services, including multiple language translations, to both businesses, the public administration and institutions,  between most languages. We are proficient in legal, medical and technical translation. We translate all European, Asian, Eastern European and African languages.

Technical translation

We translate user’s manuals, product sheets, requirements specifications, technical catalogs and books. Technical translation also covers translations of different kinds of texts like user’s manuals, product descriptions and safety instructions in different fields.

Medical translation

SATO language services is experienced in translating documents with medical and pharmacological content, like patient records, clinical documents, medical certificates, medical equipment, scientific marketing and communication. We use native translators with medical and pharmacological background.

Legal translation

SATO language services has a long service record of providing authorized translation of legal documents. We perform legal translations for the court, law firms, police, expert witnesses, child protection services, insurance companies, businesses and individuals. Legal documents include,  among others: contracts, certificates, wills, powers, summons, rulings etc. SATO language services can help you translate all kinds of legal documents.

Business and finance documents translation

We are specialist business and finance translators. Our finance translators are very skilled and experienced in translating business and finance contracts with all kinds of finance documents in a correct and satisfactory way. We always make sure the documents are handled by specialized finance translators. Business and finance documents include financial statements, quarterly reports, all kinds of bank and insurance documents, financial reports, yearly reports, business contracts and company certificates.

Why choose SATO?

  • The translations are done by experienced professional translators holding documented qualifications.

  • We have good quality control routines, assuring the customers will get optimum results.

  • We’ll give you a quote within 30 minutes, and provide you with fast, on-time delivery.

  • Our response time is short and we take express orders without compromising quality.

  • Depending on the language and on the amount of text, we may finish the translation the same day.

  • The translations are carried out to the agreed time and price. All documents are handled confidentially.

  • We offer great discounts when signing up for a framework agreement.

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